Choreography - Liz Gottlieb
Music - Stuart Diamond

A Videoballet 

Winner - Festival of the Americas International Film and Television Festival 

Journey was set to the music of Lyric Images. Lyric Images itself is a unique work, as it was the first work written by Stuart Diamond for a live electronuc music ensemble. It was premiered at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City in the Spring of 1979. With an instrumentation of Lyricon, two Crumar keyboards and percussion, Lyric Images was a grand 4 movement symphonic work. At the time of its premier with its raucous rhythms and lyric sweep it was both hailed by some critics as the music of the future and reviled by others. 

Liz Gottlieb, a former member of the New York City Ballet conceived of the idea to create a videoballet to the score -- one of the first ballets ever created for the medium of video. 

Julian Montaner and Regine Maximilien

With years of MTV behind us it is hard to imagine the time when creating dance directly for the camera was still a revolutionary idea.

Renamed Journey, Lyric Images became the score for this dramatic pas-de-deux of two lovers at the end of time.